TENDER HEARTS - Caring for the little Hearts      
  A simple child,
That lightly draws its breath,
And feels its life in every limb,
What should it know of death?
                        -William Wordsworth
It is every child's right to be born into a world where he or she can thrive, grow to be strong and make something of themselves, and make their parents proud.  BUT NOT ALL ARE DESTINED TO BE. 

Many children are born everyday throughout the developing world that will never see their first birthday.

Not everybody can afford an operation

  • Majority of these children are born in lower socio-economic groups where parents cannot afford decent treatment. 
  • Early recognition of these heart defects followed by corrective surgery can save these children.

That’s the aim behind TENDER HEARTS

The Team behind Tender Hearts

  • Established by Medwin Heart Foundation
  • Brainchild of Dr. B. Ramesh Babu, M.D, D.M.,   FACC, the M.D. of Medwin Hospitals.
  • Well executed by Dr.Venkat Reddy.K, Dr.KVR.Murthy, Dr.P.Mohanty, Dr.Shilpa
    Technicians and Nurses of Cardiac Surgical Team.

Advisory Board

  • Sri.J.A.Chowdary
        President & Managing Director

  • Padmashri C.S.Sastry, I.A.S(Rtd)
        Former Addl.Defence Secretary &  AgricultureSecretary.

  • Justice Sri A.VenkataRami Reddy
        Retired Chief Justice


  • Field trips to rural areas conducting free camps.
  •  A team of cardiologists and non medical staff travel in a well equipped Bus and treat on the spot.
  •  First mobile Cardiac bus in A.P
  •  Bus is equipped with 2-D Echo, TMT and ECG machines, also a consulting chamber.

Now, for some facts…

  • The cost of disposables and investigations for each surgery is Rs.65,000.
  • Funds provided by the Govt. doesn’t even cover the basic expenses.
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